14 October, 2008

Spam and Eggs

Happy Schereschewsky day, everyone!

It's the feast day of this blog's patron saint, Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereschewsky. I intended to write something commemorating the day. You know, use a few words to honor the man of many words.

And then, instead, I sent a LOT of words. Spam happened. And it's my fault. I clicked the wrong button.

As far as I can tell, an email has been sent to every person in my address book telling them to check out my facebook page and asking them to sign up for an account. (yes, I do have a facebook page. I'm late to the whole facebook party, but finally got there. That's another story for another day.)

Then I tried to send a "sorry, please disregard earlier email" message, but my email program wouldn't let me, saying that I had exceeded the maximum number of messages in an hour. As if I was a spammer... oh, wait, I guess I am.

My whole freakin' address book. It includes three quarters of the active members of my current congregation, about a hundred core leaders from other congregations I've served in and still keep in touch with, at least three ex-girlfriends (don't ask), all of the clergy of West Texas, three judges, fifteen or twenty bishops (one of them a primate), my Senators and Congressman... Ah, crap.

Right. I'm a spammer. And I have egg on my face. (Spam and eggs, get it?)

I'm going home to hide in the closet.


Dallas said...

There's a small writeup today about Schereschewsky at the Christian History Institute: http://chi.gospelcom.net/DAILYF/daily.php

MissyD said...

2 things....

1- didn't know that about Colt - he will now be my 'choice' over Harrell and Crabtree : even when I have to defend that to my family... that is amazing.

2 - who am i going to talk with about Texas football next year if you are 'out' of the game?

Remember this - He has a plan: we just don't always understand it immediately... a very smart guy I know at St. Thomas taught me that :)